1. Baby Alia Wallpaper from Dune Part Two

    Some of the most striking images in Dune Part Two, at least for me, were the inside-the-womb visuals of Paul’s unborn sister Alia. I liked it so much I made a wallpaper from one of the stills, and I guess, I can share it here. It’s upscaled, modified and cleaned up, pretty opinionated stuff, but I like it best this way.

    If you like it, leave a comment! Happy to hear about your thoughts on it.

    The linked image is a 1080p JPG image, but I also made two versions in HEIC format, which should do for most larger resolutions. Enjoy!

  2. Halal sign in sans-serif font

    Just what it says on the tin: I recently had a project that uses a sans-serif font for most of the communication and I needed to put a Halal sign on a flyer. Arabic seems to have a preference for non-uniform stroke weight, so it didn’t quite integrate with what I had already designed.

    A short web search yielded no (!) results for a sans-serif halal sign, so I quickly made one using Noto Sans. My Arabic isn’t very good (0%, yikes!), so I dabbled in InDesign until it looked right. Used the “World-ready paragraph composer” for the first time in my life! Anyway, here you go, I give this to the public domain, aka. the Internet. May it be of help.