1. Form F26-A

    I don’t get how formal complaints work (and it is kind of hard to find information on them online). But they seem to be a lot of fun, if you do them right. And I wanted in on that. But as far as I know, Germany doesn’t have a F26-A. This is hard to believe and I hope the Government is working overtime to fix this. But for now, I’m stuck. That is why I rebuilt the F26-A, simply traced it (by hand! I do have standards.) from the photos provided in the 27b/6 post, and tried to make them look alright. The PDF is not perfect, but I think it will get things rolling. I will try to introduce them to my workplace over the next couple of weeks. I do a lot of complaining already, we’ll see if this gets me fired. But in the end, it’s just good fun. To me anyway. Get the F26-A PDF Document. PS: If there is an official template for this already, I’d appreciate a copy. Also, I could not figure out the correct spread dimensions from the photos, so I made the PDF fit DIN page sizes. It could use some more work, but as I said, this is a test run. I will update this post, if I make or get improved versions of the document.