Tweet Archive for September 2021

  • @Amaz For snacks, I’m thinking, nuts. Personally I like Cashews. And if you’re willing to try, have a look at toddler snacks. They usually have low sugar and some are actually really tasty, like chips with herbs and such.

  • @NanoRaptor Have never deleted since 2001 I think. Not too much of a problem as the mails only take up about 20GB including attachments. Seem I'm not very popular. Now that I think about it, where *are* my old emails?! I should start looking …

  • Found another design I never followed up on, Noita's The End of Everything! Made it into a decent shirt as well. Get it here if you like it. Would also go decently well with today's @ChaseTSG stream to show support btw!

  • To get it out of my system, I have also added my other shirt idea, GG ㅈㅈ. Teespring will not let me mention StarCraft II as the inspiration for it, so I had to improvise. As with my other shirt, it will appeal mostly to players of the game. If at all.

  • Bear in mind though that I have never done this before and am still figuring things out in regard to teespring. If you would like more colors, let me know and I can look into it! Feedback is welcome.

  • I had a minimal design in my head for some time now: a Donu and Deka inspired shirt print. I set up a small store in case somebody would like to pick it up. This will appeal mostly to fans of Slay the Spire, but others may like it as well. #slaythespire

  • @shoibox It is difficult for sure. When I started playing, I never got far and stopped playing. I have been watching @Amaz play for some time now though and picked it back up. Watching him has changed my decision making a lot and I have beat the Heart multiple times since! You can do it!

  • @codemonkey85 @gruber @stroughtonsmith For me it’s being able to send links to folders/files that have a web GUI to download them. Use it in the classroom all the time. I hope iCloud eventually catches up.

  • RT @Radiokritik: @jeffcoffman @espiekermann