Tweet Archive for November 2019

  • RT @luckymarmot: Paw — The most advanced API tool for Mac (REST & HTTP Client) · We're making a crazy Black Friday…

  • This is awesome. I can’t think of a specific use for my sites right now, but the @OvercastFM website immediately came to my mind, as the dark and light mode icons already exist. @marcoarment would you care for some light web work, as a break from fixing iOS 13 bugs?

  • @MANvsGAME I hope it's everything you dreamed. I've been thinking of you a lot over the last few months. Thanks for sharing, about the move, the trip and everything. Thank you for your streams. It all helps me cope with my own … difficulties.

  • @mrgan Sounds great! I always love seeing your creations and am excited to build something myself.

  • @mrgan I have had this on one of my Amazon lists forever, and just a few days ago put it on my actual wish list for xmas. Thanks for the tip! Will also purchase the cardboard cutter. (just curious: at what age did your kids first show interest in playing with cardboard toys?)

  • I give @Savjz full credit for my first Battlegrounds match, 1st place! Thank you for the streams! Very … educational.

  • @britweisman @day9tv Noita!

  • @bmkibler This shot would never have been possible on your old phone! *sponsored*