Tweet Archive for November 2021

  • @Amaz I will definitely keep it in mind for my own runs! And thanks for everything you do! (and have done) Specialist forever! ✨

  • @Amaz never mind, I just saw you rated Shuriken "wow", but Kunai "insane". case closed!

  • For anyone who watched more than zero movies this year, this should be a no-brainer. Absolute endorsement! @letterboxd

  • @amaz I was wondering, if the other was to be removed from the game, would you rather keep Shuriken or Kunai? ?

  • @mass_driver_tm This is all very pretty and neat, but the thing I care about the most is that Dolmenlore is still available! ✨ Keep up the good work, I'm a big fan!

  • RT @debdrens: pretty easy joke here but the reason it’s “splitting up” (it’s not really) is so the new fake company can declare bankruptcy…

  • RT @cdespinosa: 1978: I wrote the Apple II Reference Manual on UNIX-A on an 11/70 1981: I proposed Unix tools for the Mac (Jef and Steve ha…