Tweet Archive for January 2022

  • RT @V_Saggiomo: how_many_people_are_still_using_the_underscore_for_file_names_just_because_they_are_old_question_mark.txt

  • Took the time and made a tiny Javascript module to reproduce the much-discussed Quake light flicker effect on a website. Fun, educational and hopefully, useful to some. Enjoy! (Has a very basic demo, too)

  • @djrrb Hey David, if I encounter this phenomenon (broken A) in my InDesign PDFs using Roslindale Deck, what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

  • @jennrichter Hey Jenn, over the last two days I have been getting a few email replies to your job applications. It seems, they had your old email on file. If you'll get in touch with me I'll happily forward them to you, or even permanently redirect the work@ address to you. Best regards!

  • Schlau! Man hat am wenigsten Aufwand, wenn man den Releasetermin für sein Projekt einfach in die Vergangenheit verschiebt! Arbeit schon getan! #werkschau #hochschule #mannheim

  • @romero I am currently working on a screenprint of the Quake E2M3 map sketch as a birthday gift for a friend. I'd like to clean up the annotations too, but can't figure out this word. Can you help? ?? Thanks in advance! #quake