Tweet Archive for October 2019

  • Also: we need more deck slots :(

  • I took the time to clean up the code a little, so now the source to is public. Read all (or at least a little) about my efforts to make a user-friendly deck parsing library in Javascript and PHP for @PlayHearthstone on GitHub

  • @mrgan Since sourdough is all about using cultures and bacteria from your local environment, I totally approve! I loved that you didn’t toss it.I’m guessing many would have.

  • Over the last couple of weeks I wrote a simple decklist manager for Hearthstone in my spare time. Check it out if you like: I'll write some more about it in the future, but I'm just glad it's out. It parses and saves deck codes, with comments.

  • @mantonsblog As a self-proclaimed snake enthusiast, that’s pretty sad to hear. I’m not familiar with your situation, but isn’t trapping and relocation an option? And: what type of coral snake are they? I hope not endangered!