Tweet Archive for January 2018

  • @objective_see Oh, good! I installed it and will check again after a while. Thanks for helping right away!

  • TIL es gibt 250 wilde Nandus in Deutschland WTF? One male and five females escaped from a farm in Schleswig-Holstein, in 2000. These birds survived the winter and succeeded in breeding in a habitat sufficiently similar to their native South American range.

  • @objective_see is it normal that BlockBlock uses a lot of CPU time? If not, what can I do to fix this?

  • Krasse Personenkontrolle gestern nacht im Lindenhof mit 20+ Polizisten und Krankenwagen. RIP meine Nachtruhe

  • @mrgan I sell 2 sticker sets on the store, but the biggest … success … with friends is the nsfw pack I created for my own use

  • @mrgan the biggest photoshop tip I have ever gotten from you was putting the layers panel on the left, full height

  • .@1Password On macOS in a two display setup, the inactive one dims the menu bar, text and icons. Only 1P does not get dimmed. Why is that?

  • @nanilul When I have a headache but can't sleep all day, I have found I can listen to podcasts (on low volume). Distracts and at the same time easy to fall asleep to. If that helps. Feel better soon!

  • @sad_but_awesome Oglaf Vol. 1?