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  • @nanilul ok, good luck with the new one then! it might still be worth replacing the 6S battery after switching to increase the resale value, if that‘s something you‘re thinking about. gruß aus Mannheim! ✋

  • @nanilul I see. What if it was a defective battery to begin with? I‘m thinking get the battery replaced for $29 at an official apple store before investing a few 100 bucks? Also, if you already have the 11.3 update, what does battery health in the Settings app say about the performance?

  • @nanilul what was wrong with the 6S? could be relevant for the recommendation process

  • @JacksonGalaxy hi jackson, I love cats and I'd love to watch MCFH, but I live in germany and it's only in the US itunes and amazon stores. do you have a suggestion for me where to buy or watch online? thanks! … and thanks for doing the good work!