Tweet Archive for February 2020

  • Maybe the time to put QR codes on your invoices is never. Maybe it is now! I took a few minutes to make a Girocode and Bezahlcode generator in Javascript. I don't know, why that did not exist. Anyway, barcode away! Or contribute to my nasty code.

  • For a second I thought @day9tv had another green screen up behind the first one, projecting an image of his room. But that is not how it works.

  • @flexibits The update didn't do it for me but the restart did in fact solve the problem. Thank you for your help! (Now I feel stupid for not having tried "turning it off and on again" first)

  • @flexibits Also, in the Mac app the Birthdays showed up as "Birthday". I had to click to see the name of the person. Restarting the app fixed it, but I thought I'd report it anyway.

  • @flexibits I'm having trouble getting the F3 watch app to sync. It just hangs with the rotating arrows spinning, never finishing sync. Tried reinstalling from watch app store or phone, no there anything else I can try?