iPad sketch paper

On friday night I posted my own take on a PDF-based iPhone sketch paper. Tonight I realized that was very short-sighted considering the imminent release of Apple’s iPad. So I went back to the drawing board Illustrator and made an iPad-ized version of last nights PDF. I realized the iPad is a lot larger than I thought—and than an iPhone, for that matter—so now only one iPad fits on an A4 size paper. But fear not: I shrunk it down 50% and now we have at least 2 screens on one page. I provide you with both the 100% and 50% view, so you can pick whichever. I also added little rulers that indicate 20 pixel steps on the 100% view, and 40 pixel steps on the 50% view. I hope you like it. iPad sketch paper PDF iPad sketch paper (100%, PDF) iPad sketch paper (50%, PDF) I didn’t bother rendering an EPS file this time. If you want it, just ask. No problem at all. Also bear in mind the rulers don’t add up quite as nicely as on an iPhone, due to the odd resolution of 768×1024px. I also updated the iPhone template with rulers. They do add up. Get the iPhone templates from my previous post or download the PDF directly. Update: There are now dotted variants of each template available: iPhone 3Gs (dotted), iPad (100%, dotted) and iPad (50%, dotted) Update 2: OK, there you have it: one document that contains all the sketch papers (600kb). Just print whichever pages you want. I adjusted the dot size in the grid view so they’re easier to print and easier to see. I also added a completely new view with a black frame (for those with a lot of ink to spend. use sparingly.)