Free HTTPS image hosting with Dropbox

If you only want the solution, jump right to it. A while ago I was asked to “design” a facebook page for a client. As I did not have the time to dive into developing a full-on app, I instead opted for the really simple static html solution. their app works wonderfully for the most part, but one issue remained: facebook requires you to provide all your images via HTTPS, which neither I nor the client had at the time. I searched the web and a couple of free image hosting sites turned up. I figured this was good enough until the client had made up their mind about paying for their own certificate. I went with at the time, which did not have a limitation on size or dimensions, which was good. it worked well for a few weeks. Three days ago their service shut down. So did all the images on my client’s facebook page. shit. today I went to work again, trying to fix this quickly and if possible, for free. all the other free hosting sites had a ridiculous size limit for images. then I came across a great … D.I.Y. SOLUTION: I used the public folder of my dropbox account (which is a great service by the way, and free!) to host the five images needed for the facebook page. In order to do this, you simply copy the public link and change the protocol to https. done. I did not know about this. It works great. I’m amazed and wanted to share this. the URL may look something like this: there may be complications if your facebook page causes too much traffic on your dropbox account, but for the most of my clients, this won’t be an issue, I guess. I may look into an Amazon S3 solution, which seems like a viable option for little money. original idea via