Hide the Google Logo in Google Maps

Before you read any further: This is not allowed by Google’s Terms of use. It’s a little hack that I wrote during my efforts to get to know Google Maps. I was trying to access the single html elements inside the map container and came across the elements containing the Google Logo and the Terms of use link, that are placed over the map. Changing the CSS styles was no big deal and I guess you can use this for something good too, let’s say for changing the zoom control’s position, etc. now here is what i came up with (no magic, really): function toggle_logo() { var source = document.getElementById('map'); //Terms of use link var divs = source.getElementsByTagName('div'); var current = (divs[14].style.display == 'none') ? 'block' : 'none'; divs[14].style.display = current; //Google Logo link var links = source.getElementsByTagName('a'); var current = (links[1].style.display == 'none') ? 'block' : 'none'; links[1].style.display = current; } Remember that you are not actually allowed to remove these elements from the map. I wrote this as an example of how you can access the single elements and as a training exercise for myself. Google usually doesn’t let you mess around with their stuff. So don’t be evil.