10 Commandments of Origami

Ich weiss, dass sich nur die wenigsten von euch fuer Origami begeistern koennen, trotzdem wollte ich hier die zehn gebote auffuehren, die es fuer das falten gibt. die hab nicht ich gemacht, sondern vom Falken-Verlag geklaut. sind auf englisch; nachdem sie aber mehr eine notiz an mich selbst sind, ist das auch ok.
  1. Choose suitable paper and cut to required form and size.
  2. Fold paper cleanly and carefully, especially at the small points of corners.
  3. Work on a hard surface, so that all folds and creases can be executed with exactness.
  4. Exactness is achieved by moving thumbnail sharply along all folds and creases. All subseqent steps are then made easier.
  5. The greater the exactness of a fold, the more beautiful the finished work.
  6. Follow each step carefully in the sequence given.
  7. Do *not* eliminate or skip a step. While folding, it is useful to remember the last completed step and think agead to the one that follows.
  8. Pay attention to all instructions, i.e. direction of folding, how a form is to be folded together, if it is a fold or crease to be opened up again etc.
  9. If Origami is new to you, get experience by practicing the basic forms. It is fun to discover how so many different figures are created out of a specific basic form.
  10. To gain the most enjoyment from your effort follow all instructions and hints exactly and do your folds and creases carefully and cleanly.