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I don’t particularly like test-driving a new TV show. You always risk wasting your evening on something like “Body Of Proof”, which disappointed me earlier this month. But sometimes you find a gem. After “How I Met Your Mother” has become so stale and some other shows have reached their pinnacle as well, I had to find something new, so I took a chance and started Girls, which just ended its first season with Episode 10. I have to say, I was surprised it was this entertaining, and truly well made TV. I consider it something of a complement to “New Girl” (which I also kind of enjoy, but is on summer break), but with a more serious undertone; more of a drama-soap than comedy. Just what I needed. If anybody is in search for something to fill their evening, I highly recommend looking into it. Not too heavy, not too long (I’m looking at you, “Sherlock”!) and occasionally really funny. Thumbs up.